delicious, healthy food prepared for you

You love good food, you want to eat well and take care of yourself and your family. Whatever your needs are, I can help. Weekly prepared meals, shopping and menu planning, dinner parties and special events, one-time, choose. The possibilities are endless.

eat well

helping your organization grow

Does your local group, school, or program need assistance designing and implementing culinary classes or curriculum? Would you like to increase visitor engagement and potential revenue at your farm or farmers market? Could your organization use some fresh ideas in recipe development? Let's talk. 

let's grow together

cooking classes

Let's get together in your kitchen and start cooking! Invite some friends, make it a party. Get your kids in the kitchen with you (they like to cook too!). Whatever you want to learn, we'll do it together. I come to you, we have food fun, I clean up and you have a few new recipes and techniques to add to your repertoire. 

get cooking