Holly is amazing! She has a wide range of experience, and is great at working with dietary limitations of all kinds. Holly works well with adults and is awesome with children- even getting my rambunctious 5 year old son to pay quiet attention while measuring with her.

- Jenna F

Holly is a wonderful teacher: energetic, enthusiastic, with thorough and nuanced knowledge of the subject matter (a.k.a. food!). I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Holly in group and individual classes and in both cases her teaching style has been pitch-perfect. Her wealth of experience in the culinary world is apparent, as is her abundant joy for totally delicious food. Holly truly believes in the potential of each and every one of her students, nurturing and encouraging them every step of the way. And her classes are so much fun. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

- Ava

Holly gave me some private cooking lessons a few years ago, and she’s fantastic!! Just as an example, I will never forget my first lesson: she taught me how to make the most delicious bread pudding in the world! She covered all of the details from choosing the best bread, letting me pick my favorite cinnamons (who would have known there are so many different kinds!!), how to achieve the perfect consistency, etc. I did all the cooking while she walked me through the process. It was fun, educational, and I got tons of compliments from friends who came over for breakfast. You can’t go wrong with Holly!!

- Christina D

Holly was awesome! I had so much fun with her. With hands on learning in the kitchen..made cooking so much easier for me. Now i can look at a recipe and not feel so intimidated. I am empowered and inspired. I feel JOY in the kitchen and not stress! I plan to continue lessons with Holly and would HIGHLY recommend her.
Thank you Holly!!!!

- Robin K

Holly’s cooking demonstrations are one of the highlights of the Wakefield Farmers Market that runs from June to October each year in Wakefield MA. After selecting produce and other products from our farmers and vendors, Holly prepares a few dishes for folks to try, from delicious soups, salads, stir fry, and sauces, to scrumptious beverages and desserts. Not only is Holly a great cook who can work with whatever ingredients and tools are available, she has a true gift for inspiring folks to try new things and get excited about food and cooking. I have even seen small children ask their parents to buy veggies such as arugula and broccoli after trying some of Holly’s fare. Along with her skill as a chef, Holly is also very knowledgeable about the healing aspects of food and takes great joy in sharing her gifts with others.

- Wendy Dennis, Market Manager

Holly is fantastic! She came to my house and helped us celebrate my mom’s birthday with a fun, hands-on, excellent cooking class. She managed three generations in the kitchen with ease, making sure everyone was included and having a blast. I would highly recommend her and I look forward to hosting my next cooking party with her!

- Danielle J

Holly is wonderful to work with and her food is delicious! She catered a party for us, including making some delicious homemade drinks, and more recently provided “personal chef” services after we had a baby, bringing a couple of meals each week. She was always trying to think of ways to help us stretch our food budget, including providing some great freezer meals. Most importantly, she can accommodate special diets with ease! We required gluten-free and dairy-free dishes, and that was easy for her – and the food was always terrific. My two young children also enjoyed the meals. It was so reassuring to know that we never had to worry about ingredients or the safety of what we were eating. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

- Lisa C

I took Holly’s ‘Baking with Whole Grains’ class and learned some really great tips on how to incorporate whole grains into baked goods. Who knew that coffee cake could taste so good and be good for you! It was a fun, hands-on class and all the recipes were delicious! I plan on testing a few on the family.

- Janeen C

Holly was great to work with. She came to our house hosted a cooking class with us. Not only did things taste so good, but we made them with the freshest ingredients. Having a class with Holly felt like we had our best friend in our kitchen.

- Maureen T