Healthy Lifestyle Consulting

body heals with play

What does “good health” mean to you?

For me, good health is more than just the right diet and exercise – it’s about what you think, how you feel and what motivates you. I work with you to create a lifestyle of wellness that works for you. We start where you are, map out your goals and provide real tools to propel you toward success. Whether you want to lose weight, clean out your pantry and re-vamp your meal plan, learn about healthier food choices, explore local, in-season food options, or find nutritious, easy and delicious recipes for your family that won’t break the budget and are on the table in 30 minutes, I can help.

Adjusting to a new dietary style for you or a member of your family can be a challenge and some days downright daunting. I have years of experience working with clients who have allergies, dietary restrictions and health-related food issues. It is more than a physical adjustment, it is a mental, emotional and lifestyle adjustment as well. Let me work with you to overcome any hurdles and find options that best fit the way you live.

Feel Better
Reduce Stress
Create a Healthy Balance for You and Your Family