Eating Healthy – Information Overload (Part 1)

information overload

Health seems to be on everyone’s minds lately and eating healthy is right up there.  We are barraged daily with admonitions to “eat healthy foods” and “change our diets”.  Eliminate fat, sugar, carbs, meat, wheat, eggs, and dairy.  So many people telling us so many things, it’s no wonder most of us give up.

I can’t even begin to count the number of “lifestyle programs” advertised, all claiming that if we follow their regime, we’ll achieve optimal health.  From the lose weight quick pills, to the supplements and meal replacements (Power Bars and SlimFast for example) to the national programs (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc) to the myriad “diet” systems (Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean Diet, Grapefruit Diet, etc) it is no wonder we emerge from the detritus confused, hungry and desperate to follow that one path which will lead us to our healthy salvation.


Everyone has an agenda; the health gurus who espouse a certain lifestyle or food choices, the expert chefs or authors of diet cookbooks and health products, the supplement and gadget sellers and the large corporations which have millions of dollars invested in the ‘health’ industry. All of these entities have an idea or a product or a system that they feel is valuable and will change your life. Many of them believe very passionately in what they do and what they are saying. Some are passionate solely about the profit. You could argue that I have an agenda too. And you would be correct. My agenda consists of bringing a message and presenting it to you for your consideration. My agenda is education. What you chose to do with the information is up to you and I support that 100%. I do feel strongly about the way we look at food, our wellness and the information (and misinformation) we are being barraged with. I believe that we, as individuals, have the power and the obligation to take responsibility for our health and wellbeing. The thing is it takes work and commitment, and often re-evaluation what we ‘know’ and have been told. It takes effort to make lifestyle shifts and that is daunting for a lot of us. Much easier to reach for the simple solution of a bar or pill or shake that will set us down the right road. What I am encouraging you to do is ask questions. Question the agendas and think about how they fit into your life, into your philosophy and your idea of what healthy means.

As I am writing this, so many ideas have come up, too many to fit into one post. So I have decided to make this a series. There are myriad topics to address within this one seemingly concise or straightforward subject: healthy eating. I have some more thoughts I would like to share with you. Thoughts which, if all goes according to plan, will induce you to ask questions, of yourself first and foremost and then of the people and entities you rely on to assist you in your journey of health and wellness. I would like to help empower you to take ownership of your particular style of wellbeing and live it fully, joyfully and well, rather deliciously.

I am going to go make a peanut-butter sandwich and toss some apples, celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon and ginger into my juicer and have lunch, while I percolate ideas for the next part of this series. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, eat well and nourish your souls my friends.

Miss Holly

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